Mobile World is part of a series of Comment Conferences held by Editorial Intelligence:

Talent Today, Talent Tomorrow
29th November 2012
The tenth in Editorial Intelligence’s Comment Conference series, Talent Today, Talent Tomorrow addressed the skills base of the UK workforce, a constant area for debate. Competition with other nations is vast, and we need to ensure we have the diverse skill sets in place in both today's and tomorrow's workforce.

Healthy Nation
3rd October 2012
The ninth in Editorial Intelligence’s Comment Conference series, Healthy Nation addressed some of the key issues affecting healthcare today, and the wellbeing of our society. 

Mobile World
12th July 2012
The eighth in Editorial Intelligence’s Comment Conference series, Mobile World brought together key players and opinion formers to look at the social, political, technical, cultural and media impacts of information through a programme of discussions, debates and short ‘Bright Ideas’.

Intelligent London
15th May 2012
The seventh in Editorial Intelligence’s Comment Conference series, the focus for Intelligent London was on how the city inspires and informs its people and its visitors; London as both a location and an imagined place; what happens to a city when great minds build its reputation.

The Manufacturing Economy
28th March 2012
The Manufacturing examined the wealth of manufacturing industries in the UK; current and new models for manufacturing and the productivity benefits to investment in technological innovation and sustainable manufacturing. Speakers included: Martin McCourt, former Chief Executive of Dyson; Sally Leonard Business Consultant, Creative Industries at Centa and owner of Leonard of London and Peter Luff, Minister for Defence Equipment, Support and Technology. 

The Gender Agenda
Thursday 1st December 2011
Coinciding with the aftermath of the ‘Davies Review’ recommendations for increasing the representation of women in Britain’s boardrooms, The Gender Agenda tried to address the key questions and topics raised by report. Speakers included: Minister for Equalities Lynne Featherstone MP; Senior Lawyer Miriam Gonzalez and Kirsty Young, Presenter of BBC Radio 4’s ‘Today’ programme.

Mobile World
6th July 2011
Mobile World examined the social, political, technical, cultural and media impacts of information’s pace of change. The programme included sessions on cyber security; the mobile news cycle and the future of mobile communications. Speakers across the day included: Benjamin Cohen, Business/Technology Correspondent, Channel 4 New; Damian Collins MP Member, House of Commons Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee and Con Coughlin Executive Foreign Editor, Telegraph Media Group.

7th April 2011
Encouraging enterprise and business growth is seen as one of the key routes for the UK’s economic recovery. Through a programme of keynotes, discussion and debate, Comment Conference: Enterprise examined entrepreneurship and the skills agenda. Speakers included: Charlie Mayfield, Chairman, the John Lewis Partnership; Sam Roddick, Founder, Coco De Mer and Rt. Hon. David Willetts MP, Minister of State for Universities and Science.

Networked Nation
14th December 2010
Bringing together the key players in digital technology, the second Comment Conference looked at the range of issues around the creation and future of our Networked Nation. Held in association with Race Online 2012, panels discussed digital innovation, the future of the internet and how to create fully Networked Nation. Speakers included: Martha Lane Fox,
UK Digital Champion; David Rowan,Editor, Wired UK and Ed Vaizey,Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries.

Brand New Britain
29th June 2010
Not long after the coalition Government came to power; Brand New Britain asked whether Britain could call itself ‘Brand New’ again. Sessions looked at Britain’s place in the world of business, communications and innovation and included a live recording of BBC Radio 4’s ‘The Bottom Line’. Speakers across the day included:Emma Bridgewater, Founder, Emma Bridgewater; William Eccleshare President and CEO, Clear Channel International and Dr Anthony Seldon, Political Historian and Master, Wellington College.



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