Comment Conference: Talent Today, Talent Tomorrow, Thursday 29th November

The skills base of the UK workforce is a constant area for debate. Competition with other nations is vast, and we need to ensure we have the diverse skill sets in place in both today's and tomorrow's workforce.

The focus will be on UK skills:

  • what is the state of the UK talent pool today?
  • Is the education system geared enough towards skilling up the young generation?
  • How do we ensure the right hard and soft skills are developed and nurtured in both today’s and tomorrow’s workforce? 
  • How does business best invest in skilling up workers – via apprenticeships and vocational programmes?

The hand-picked audience will contain a national and regional span of players, of different generations and sectors, and invited media. Some sessions will be podcast and available on our ‘ei Digest’ and partner websites.

Comment Conference: Talent Today, Talent Tomorrow, is held in association with BAE Systems, the Financial Times, Cass Consulting, Cass Business School and kindly hosted by the Institute of Directors.

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