Derek Wyatt

Derek Wyatt has been fascinated by the internet since he opened a Compuserve account in 1992. He created The Computer Channel at BSkyB in 1995 and was happy with his new online train set until he was unexpectedly elected to Parliament in 1997 for the new constituency of Sittingbourne and Sheppey in north Kent. As an MP he took the lead in internet matters and formed the APParliamentary Internet Group which he morphed into the APP Communications group in 2007 arguing that convergence meant converging groups in Parliament too.

He founded the Oxford Internet Institute in 2000,which is now the leading institution of its kind in the world. His web site won three national awards and has been legally deposited at the British Library under www.derekwyattexmp.co.uk. At its height it was being accessed by 20,000 people a week. He was the first politician anywhere to have his own iPhone App and for a nanosecond it was number 3 on the iTunes download list. His new web site www.derekwyatt.co.uk is largely a blogging site. It is still a work in progress but is already being read by just over 10,000 people  a week.

For his work on re-writing The Computer MisUse Act, Derek was awarded an ISPA Heroes Award in 2006. He now works as a Digital Consultant and is busy establishing the first Internet Policy Institute in the world. In another life, he played rugby for Oxford University, the Barbarians & England. He has written five books.  

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