Caroline Webb,
Partner, McKinsey & Company

Caroline Webb is a Partner at McKinsey & Company, where she specialises in helping clients strengthen the depth, quality and sustainability of their leadership capacity.  She coaches and advises both individual leaders and senior teams, supporting them in unlocking their own leadership potential and in building the organisational architecture to develop other leaders.

She often works with leaders seeking to make transformational changes in their organisations, and is able to weave together coaching on their handling of real business issues with development of the mindsets, behaviours and capabilities that enable leaders to achieve their goals in a more sustainable and inspiring way. 

She brings to her coaching a deep personal understanding of what it takes to lead a complex global organisation at the most senior level, as well as extensive research in the field. 

She was the architect of McKinsey’s approach to improving the dynamics and overall effectiveness of top teams and boards, and Caroline now co-leads McKinsey’s Centered Leadership project, a multi-year effort to identify how best to equip leaders for maximum personal effectiveness in modern, challenging business environments.  Complementing her coaching work is Caroline’s broader work to support clients with large-scale leadership development efforts.  Over the past 10 years, she has orchestrated major leadership programmes for dozens of client organisations across a wide range of industries.  She is also the Dean of McKinsey’s programme for improving the confidence and capability of women leaders.

Caroline’s coaching approach is humanistic in style – aimed at helping people take positive and pragmatic action to get the best out of themselves and others – and she makes extensive use of evidence emerging from recent developments in the cognitive sciences to help leaders understand the rationale for new approaches.  She is equally at home coaching leaders in the private and public sectors, having worked in the public sector before joining McKinsey in 2000. 

For most of the 1990s she worked at the Bank of England, where her roles included authorship of the Quarterly Inflation Report, advice on banking supervision in emerging markets, and the development of new institutions in Eastern Europe during the transition from communism.  She has coaching qualifications from Myles Downey’s School of Coaching/University of Strathclyde and Meyler Campbell.

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